Started in 2015 as a music pet project by Mark Lohmann, Moon Moon Moon  wrote songs, released albums and toured across The Netherlands as a band. By 2017 Mark Benis had joined the team, bringing his experience as a fellow composer and game developer to push Moon Moon Moon past its humble beginnings.


Moon Moon Moon has since grown into  an independent  studio that develops video games, produces music videos and  (still!) tours as a band and writes original music, all under the MMM name.  Moon Moon Moon is no longer any one song or any one game; it is a universe that holds all the magic, coziness and melancholy that sits at the essence of our work.


Our credits include music videos for Tim Knol's "I'm Not Ready For The City"  and Kramies' "Everything The End" (feat. Jason Lytle) and    our game The Worst Grim Reaper: Soul Mates  which was developed in partnership with Bose AR. Collectively our team has experience working on games like Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Lamplight City among many more projects.

We love telling stories across  all sorts of media,  and our unique style  sets our work apart from the pack.  Bringing that magic to our clients' projects so  that they can truly shine  is our passion, our drive, and what gets us so excited about doing what we do.


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Mark Lohmann

Our resident songwriter, art director,  touring band leader and voice of The Worst Grim Reaper.  If he could spend his lifetime in Stardew Valley's mines he probably would.

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Mark Benis

Our studio producer, composer, programmer and narrative designer. He will talk your ear off about Pokémon music if you're not careful.  

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Moon Moon Moon frequently performs and tours  in the Netherlands and currently has a   new album in production. The band is represented by music label AT EASE.

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Jelle Crooijmans


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Jari Deelstra

Drums,   percussion

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Steven Jasperse

Bass, Synth

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Stef Koenis



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