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Devlog: Wham Wham The Snowman-Man Snowman Building Festival

Hi! Some game-related news here. We're working on a game called Wham Wham The Snowman Man-Snowman Building Festival right now. It all started with Kyon Edelenbosch (who is co-founder of Bonte Avond, the collab we're in) doing a school project together with Moon Moon Moon, to learn more about the process of the complete route of making and releasing a game. Since then it kind of spiraled out of control and now we're almost full-time working on this game we started.

The game is a story-driven game filled with funny and heartfelt indie music. It's called Wham Wham the Snowman-man Snowman Building Festival, and you're competing to build the best snowman while making sure the other contestants lose by sabotaging them. During the game, you can walk around the festival and meet a lot of interesting and funny characters.

Who are making this?

Kyon Edelenbosch, Matteo Karkazis, Mark Lohmann and Mark Benis.

Bonte Avond is a collaboration project of Moon Moon Moon, Birthday Worm and Matteo.

Quick thing about Bonte Avond: we're 3 guys from The Netherlands and 1 guy from America. We really like going with first ideas and put lots of homemade indie music in our games. We work from home and meet up in Kyon's room to make music together, do lots of voice-acting, and come up with even more weird and funny game ideas!

We also try to be conscious of diversity in our games and hope that we can play a (small) part in improving acceptance and happiness in the world x

When will it be released?

We want it to be finished before the winter ends. Because when it ends, it won't make a whole lot of sense to release this. No pressure. We're hoping to finish it in 2 weeks.

Are there any references so I know whether I like it?

Yes, I'd say... Night in the Woods (classic), with a soundtrack that might sometimes remind you of Life is Strange! Can I play other games for free and follow you guys while I'm waiting for this one?

What a coincidence that you asked that! Yes of course, my friend. You can play our games on our itch and follow us on social media




I'm looking forward to sharing more of this game soon! - Mark Lohmann (and remember, wham wham!)

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