• Mark Lohmann

New website! (woohoo)

Hey look, we finally have an official site!

(Mister mole here is very excited. He's our "eyooo" emote from our Discord server so it only felt appropriate.)

To celebrate how far Moon Moon Moon has come, we put together a reel showcasing some of the awesome projects we've got to work on:

There were some surprising similarities across all our projects (we apparently love Christmas lights), so editing the montage was a lot of fun! We chose the song "Oh, Wintertime!" for the montage, but it didn't perfectly fit a 90 second reel we imagined. We ended up producing an instrumental remix, and if you're curious what we changed you can compare it to the original here.

This marks a new chapter for Moon Moon Moon, and through this blog we'll be sharing:

  • Dev posts detailing our progress on our games (specifically The Worst Grim Reaper)

  • News about our collaborations with developers, musicians, etc.

  • Updates on our band and new music releases (like our newest single Powerpoint of Emma Stone!)

  • Anything we want to talk about because hey, this is our blog

We still have so many stories to tell, thanks for joining us on this journey. Lots more in store~

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