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Pixel art!

Hello! In light of adding a bunch of pixel art to our portfolio, I thought I'd go through some of them and tell a little bit about how they were made and why.

Before I begin, though, I want to give a shout out to Aseprite, a program specifically made for the creation of pixel art. I just really like the program and especially for animations it's a blessing.

The Worst Grim Reaper

Call me a sad crazy person, but one of the things I'm happiest with in my life is this pixel art grim reaper named Sebastian. That's why I'm starting this blog post by showing him off. In this game we're combining dynamic lighting with pixel art to create a cartoon-y realism and general coziness.

(Did you know Sebastian, aka The Worst Grim Reaper is also a recording artist these days? Check him out on Spotify, it's true!)

The Suburbs (Night). The thing I like about nighttime in art is that it gives room to different interpretations, I guess. What's happening behind that yellow window? I don't know! But I'll happily dream away half an hour thinking about it.

In this game I just blurred all the layers of the fore- and background in Photoshop. It gives this cinematic vibe which I really like!

Biking to Work. I mean, it's a grim reaper on a bike, why are you looking at me like that?...

Anyway, the light of the bike is a Unity2D light, and by using something called Normal Maps, it shines on the pixel art in real time. So if we were to change the direction or color of that light in the game, one would actually see that happening. I don't know why but that just really excites me.

I made a video using dynamic lights once, check it out here:

Tim Knol - I'm Not Ready For The City

This is an interesting project since it began as a music video we made for Tim Knol in a pixel art style, but turned into a real game afterwards. We already created most of the assets -- now we just needed to program a game around it. Easy right? (no, but it was fun to do)

The Treehouse. One of my favorite scenes in the game. I don't want to spoil it for you but the conversation with the character next to the ladder on the ground gets me every time. Pretty well-written by my fellow Moon Moon Mooner Mark Benis.

The Bro. Honestly, I have no idea when we came up with this guy (on the right) or why it's so funny to me, but I'm happy that he exists.

Train Station. This wasn't actually in the game, only in the music video. If it were up to me, everything I'd make would involve (sleeping) trains. Fun fact: you can see an old model of "The Bro" standing on the right of the ghosts, he's not wearing sunglasses and he's not tanned, but it's him alright!

Check out the full video down below, or play the game here: iOS / Android / Web

AWKWARD i - Silent Disco

This was the first time I ever made isometric pixel art, so I was excited to see how it would turn out.

Staying Home. Starting with my favorite shot from the video, Djurre from AWKWARD i sitting on a couch with his headphones on. Fun fact: the white thing next to him is an invite to a party he obviously didn't go to (hard to see because it's only 12 pixels but ok - in the video it makes sense in context! (I hope))

Dance Floor. I'm not a big user of such vibrant colors. Most of the time I use softer and darker shades. But this is the scene that immediately popped into my mind when me and Djurre from AWKWARD i started talking about a video for the song. I really liked going out of my "color comfort zone" with this.

Winter Town. Wake me up for frosted pine trees, a yellow window and a little house near a snowed in road anytime.

Watch the full video down below:

Random Artwork

Lighthouse. This is a thing I made back in 2016 when I was really really into lighthouses.

For more pixel art, see our pixel art page!

Or check out our illustration page for something a little more hi-bit

Thanks for reading, 'til next time!

- Mark Lohmann


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