The Worst Grim Reaper:

Soul Mates

In an augmented reality music game made for Bose AR, singing Grim Reaper Sebastian writes lyrics and musical accompaniment that responds to where you are, what you do and the choices you make.  Lacking inspiration (and friends), he asks you to help him with his next hit by letting him write a song about your life.

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Tim Knol: I'm  Not Ready

For The City

Songwriter Tim just wants to relax and soak up the sun, but his vacation may be cut short when his music label tracks him down to finish his upcoming album. In a narrative-adventure game, step into a world that brings the music of Tim Knol to life.

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The Worst Grim Reaper

Meet a Grim Reaper with a dead-end job.  Sebastian has dreams of becoming a touring songwriter, but his lantern companion Lux won't give him a break when he's still got work to do: collecting the souls of people fated to die on his list. In a quirky adventure, follow an agent of Death who just can't get ahead in life.

In development

Release date: TBA

Will o' the Wisp

Deep in the forest dwells the fabled Will o’ the Wisp, a mystical light whose beauty has led many adventurers astray. One such fellow is a Green-Caped Hermit, who now only has the spirit to ease the pain of his past. In a dark and moody adventure, relive the hermit’s memories of the people he loved and the people he lost.

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Bonte Avond

A collaboration between Birthday Worm, Matteo Karkazis and Moon Moon Moon.

Tower Guy

The first game of a new collaboration called Bonte Avond with Dutch game designers Kyon Edelenbosch and Matteo Karkazis started here.  "It's not easy, living like a Tower Guy. But nothing was as strange, as Halloween, 1991. Play as Tower Guy, in a bizarre comedy-trip adventure game."


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The Dragon of Terzaville Who Got His Neck Broken in a Weird Accident

A story-driven musical game about a dragon, a princess and a prince who get entangled in each other's love lives. The second game by the collab Bonte Avond.

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Crash FM - In The Car


A music-driven game where you play as a man who lost his speech a terrible kitchen accident. In a vision you see you and your friends die in a car crash after they pick you up from the hospital. That night, they arrive and now you're in the car. You have to warn them. Unable to speak, you decide to use the car radio to communicate. 

Crash FM - In The Car

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